How Sensibel Works

Community building

At the heart of Sensibel are active citizens. Sensibel is a tool that enables a diverse range of participants to create and collect data.  Data from mapping projects provide evidence on how public spaces are experienced.

Sensibel is more than an App or software service, we work with researchers, consultancies and government agencies to grow ongoing engagement for your public consultation project. 

Programme Co-ordinator
Contact us to discuss how we can support you in your programme of work.

Orientation & Planning 
The success of your profiling programme relies on nurturing an active community with regular check ins and profiling events. 

Analysis & Reporting 
We work with you to produce the evidence you need to understand you user's experience.

Sensibel App


The Sensibel App is free and available online. To activate your project, please contact us to discuss setting up a unique repository for your profiling project.

Simple, yet powerful.
The Sensibel App utilises a number of core cellphone technologies, including GPS, Bluetooth, background tracking and local storage. On the surface, Sensibel is uncluttered and simple, yet under the hood mobile technology is working hard to ensure no data is lost no matter the circumstances. 


Points of Interest

At it's most basic the Sensibel App collects positive or negative experiences. These Points of Interest can then be categorised, annotated and referenced by an image. If an image hasn't been uploading we inject a Google Streetview image as a reminder.

Categories & Modalities
Categories and transport modalities can be custom configured to suit the pilot programme or research goals.

Offline Data Syncing
Sensibel is designed to work offline first. If you're in the back-country or going lean without a data plan, journey information will be stored and synced when there's connectivity. Large images are only synced when on WiFi, to avoid unexpected data charges.

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Sensibel Button

The Sensibel platform includes a single button remote for plotting positive or negative experiences while cycling or involved in other modalities where cellphone access is unsafe.

3D printed buttons can be customised to suit any application. You can even adapt or modify the button casing yourself.

Bluetooth Remote 
Profilers can simply connect to the Sensibel buttons through the App. A single-click plots a positive point of interest on the map, while a long-press creates a negative.


Mapping Tool


Journeys captured via the App can be analysed and edited via the browser based Mapping Tool. During this stage data can be updated, filtered or moderated for reporting or public viewing.

Publish anywhere via the API
Deep data analysis can be carried out using GIS tools. Other content such as text and images can be tagged for release on social media, or entire tracks syndicated to partnering websites or other mapping platforms.