Our Service Model

We can help enable a long-term large-scale mapping community, or focus on an audit of a very specific piece of infrastructure. Depending on your scope, we offer three levels of engagement.

1. Platform Evaluation

Start with an in-house trial. We’ll get you up and running with a project, plus ten Sensibel buttons. You organise the riders and we will get them up and running. You dedicate a profiling window of two weeks and we’ll send you a high-level report of the findings.

2. Infrastructure Audits

Audits are generally for pre- or post-infrastructure evaluation. We work with you to design a study thats representative of a range of rider confidence, across multiple times of day (to factor traffic and weather conditions). We recommend 25-50 riders over the course of a month to collect a dense data set. We provide a report plus an export of the data for further analysis.

3. City-wide Mapping Community

Create and grow a community of active citizens who advocate active transport. By incentivising a cycle mapping community you can start using the data in smart ways. For example, hooking maintenance issues into service requests, promoting positive feedback via social media, utilising tactical urbanism to cost effectively test and improve the cycling experience.