How to initiate a Sensibel Project


Sensibel platform has been designed to help urban designers, infrastructure planners and researchers and travel demand managers gain a deeper understanding of the needs and behaviours of the end user.


Step 1:
Establish a Project

A project can be a specific section of infrastructure requiring profiling, a sustainable organisation aiming to understand their staff travel habits, a city-wide programme to analyse modal shift over time, or a community group collecting data as part of a consultation process.

Starting a project is as simple as getting in touch.

Mapping tool:

Establishing a projects give you access to a range of tools to view, filter, edit, moderate and gain valuable insight from the crowdsourced data. You can also download the raw data for analysis or access the API for live feeds.


Step 2:
Activate a group

At the heart of Sensibel are active citizens. Sensibel is a tool that enables a diverse range of participants to create and collect data.  Data from projects provide evidence on how public spaces are experienced.

Project Co-ordinator
Establishing a profiling group does take time. We’re here to support you, and have a range of tools to get you started.

Orientation & Planning 
The success of your profiling programme relies on nurturing an active community with regular check ins and profiling events. 

Analysis & Reporting 
We work with you to produce the evidence you need to understand you user's experience.

Get your Project Group up and running with the Free Sensibel App:


Step 3:
Sensibel Button

The Sensibel platform includes a single button remote for plotting positive or negative experiences while cycling or involved in other modalities where cellphone access is unsafe or impractical.

3D printed buttons can be customised to suit any application. You can even adapt or modify the button casing yourself.