Platform overview


Step 1:
Install the
App & Register

Screenshot 2019-02-12 06.00.34.png

Once signed-up, allow background location access.

Critical to the function of the App is to allowing location tracking to continue while your phone is asleep or the App is in the background.

Please note, Sensibel only collects your location data during a journey. At no other time is the App reading your location.

Step 2:
Claim your Bel

Fast Blink -Advertising

Fast Blink -Advertising

Slow Pulse - Connected

Slow Pulse - Connected


Once up and running, click your Bel to get it connected.

When you click your Bel it will wake up and go into an advertising state. The LED will be blinking and the App will display a message asking if you want to connect.

If you don’t see this message, go to the menu in the top left and tap the ‘Claim you Bel’ link. If nothing shows there, check you have bluetooth switch on in your phone’s settings.

Tap next and select your Bel. You will now be connected and the App will auto-connect to the Bel the next time you use it.

Step 3:
Start a Journey &
rate your experiences

Use multi-clicks to level up or down an experience.

Use multi-clicks to level up or down an experience.


TIP: Change your Bel
settings from the App Menu

Screenshot 2019-03-20 13.27.38.png

Time to start moving!

With your Bel connected, it’s time to start profiling your trip. Tap start and test the Bel:


Short-click: Positive
Long Press (2 secs): Negative

Try the same but with a combination of multi-clicks. For example, double-short-click equals a +2 rating, and a triple-long-press equals a -3 rating.

This six point scale aligns to the NZTA Quality of Service criteria.

Step 3b

Don’t forget to rate your Point of Interest!


You can use the multi-click feature with the Bel to rate a Point, and also add or change a rating in the App or Mapping tool in the browser.

Step 4:
Add more information to a Point of Interest (POI)


The more info we collect the better decisions can be made.

During, or at the end of your journey (before you stop and save it!), you can tap on any of the POIs you’ve made and add more information, including a category, comment and photo.

You can also correct any ratings or false clicks by changing the rating on the six point scale.

Step 5:
Rate, save
and get credit


Once you’ve reached your destination, you can give your journey an overall rating and a trip purpose.

You can also close this dialogue to go back and review or edit your journey.

NEW! Credits!

We have started awarding you credits for the distance you travel and the experience information you provide. Soon you will be able to exchange these credits for useful things!

Review your trips in the mapping tool

Use the same logins you created in the App to access the mapping tool.


Keep track of your tracks.

Review, edit and delete your tracks via the in browser mapping tool.

The mapping tool is the fastest way to edit and update points.

It also boasts a powerful view of all point submitted by other Sensibellers.

NEW: View your credits